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 Rules of the Story

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PostSubject: Rules of the Story   Fri May 15, 2015 8:47 am

1. Be creative and colourful in your writing wether its a beautiful waterfall your describing or a gory blood bath.

2. Each Character must essentially one day cross paths, yes the land is vast but its a small world after all.

3. Your Character sheet must be filled out in char creation and approved to the criteria of the plot. No algorians here peeps.

4. To a degree our goal is to write an epic tale to remember.

5. Gods or Goddesses belong to the realm of faith we have in them.  No godmoding.
Longevity is welcome but we all die someday.

6. Forshadow withing reason, you cant fortell every thing. Give everyone a chance.

7. Lets have fun

Thank you
-The Admin/Mods
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Rules of the Story
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